/ˈændi/ noun

1. A male given name, form of Andrew.

2. Price, Andy. Journalist, writer, editor of some, or many descriptions. Works with varying subjects – mostly music (Bearded Magazine, The Line of Best Fit, The Owl Mag), technology (tech editor at Sift Media, 3D World, The 405) and short and longer form stories (fiction & non-fiction – mostly prose), with a bit of film, comedy, food, and politics thrown in for good measure. He is also a supporter of the Oxford Comma and is prone to get a little sweary.

Andy Price is an experienced digital and print journalist, with an interest in short story writing, performance, and having a sit down. Subjects vary – Andy has written about comedy, film and music, but also 3D art, fishing, and cloud computing. A fierce interest in the peculiarities of the common, and uncommon man – particular attention is paid to the dazed, the confused, the upper, middle, lower, upper middle, lower middle, and non-classes, and the distant. Andy chooses to sit somewhere in the middle of them all.

With over 10 years experience in publishing, he’s wandered the US, Europe, and his home – in the UK – to talk to some spectacular individuals, from a 3D art software developer that reined as king at Burning Man, to an aging golf club owner who was an avid supporter, and maintainer of the separate women’s entrance. But he will never top his peak, the first ever interview – with seminal San Franciscan garage punk band The Dwarves, but the less about that the better.

Outside of writing, his interests vary. A musician of sorts, a keen supporter of the art of comedy, and voracious podcast listener. There are two dreams he will never give up on: being a celebrity chef, and becoming Britain’s first Texan BBQ champion.

Go to his LinkedIn page for the places he’s done work, and some examples of that work.

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