I’m a Friend of the Earth – do you want to be a Friend of the Earth too?


I’m running the Bath half marathon in less than two weeks. I thought, this blog, this is the perfect place to talk about it. People might read it and sponsor me… yes, you… kind stranger, just looking to do your good deed for the day.

But then I forgot to post anything and now it’s really close and so I’m cobbling together some encouraging words in the hope that you will make my toil worthwhile.

It took me ages to choose a charity to run for, but I didn’t want to run without one, because then I’m just one of those guys that’s showing off by running longer distances than is logical – I know how you all feel about that, at least 7 of you have told me you’re sick of seeing the Map My Run reports on Facebook.

I mean really, we weren’t designed for these distances. In caveman days, did the cave men and women run 13 miles? No. They’d only ever run for about 20 seconds at a time, because by the time 20 seconds had passed, they’d either have found a cave or a bush to hide in, or they would have been eaten by that sabre-toothed tiger.

But now I’m on top of the food chain, and nourishment is plentiful and easily accessible, I have decided to do a big run… because, nourishment is plentiful and easily accessible. You get what I’m saying?

However, there are other issues with this plentiful society that we live in – and that is that in retaining such wild levels of plentifulness, both the planet and a certain number of people, have to suffer.

This is nothing new, so I’m not going to spend a great deal of time calling for something to be done, because we know things could be more equal and sustainable – it’s difficult, so these days we do our bit by sponsoring running Andys.

So – do give generously to Friends of the Earth, a long-standing, well-rounded and important charity, for it is my desire that you do.

And remember, we’re helping to save the world here, guys. We’re basically superheroes.




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