405 Tech Round-Up: Google Plus has been assigned to the internet task force’s war against racism


This is an excerpt of a satirical tech column I sometimes write for The 405 – click the link below to read the whole thing.

If you thought Google would have given up on Google Plus by now then you need to realise that Google will never give up. Ever. Unless it’s on Reader, which was a shame. Because Reader was cool. Either way, the reality is that Google is still fully on its mission to force us all to use Google Plus.

The latest news is that Google’s own video network YouTube will have its comments section revamped. To say this overhaul is overdue is a bit of an understatement. Many of us that grew up on the internet have slowly been indoctrinated into the bullying, sexist, racist world of YouTube comments. The internet certainly didn’t start out that way, or at least it took awhile for these miscreants to be given such an accessible soap box. We know to ignore them, albeit with a little more despair for the human race, but imagine being a teenager thrust into this world from the start.

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Andy Price interview – Cassette Culture, Music & The Co-op Meal Deal


If you’ve been on here before you’ve probably noticed I play in a band sometimes, just for fun. But part of that fun is doing silly things like this.

Jodie is a good friend of mine and she does a good job writing about local music. When she put out a tweet the other night urgently looking for a band to interview for her October slot I put my hand up.

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